Support Groups

Support groups are different from therapy groups in that their PRIMARY aim is to help you gain peer support and to build community with other students, particularly those who may share an identity you hold. Unlike our therapy groups, support group members are encouraged to build connections outside of the group. You do NOT have to complete an intake appointment or be an enrolled client at UCS to participate in these support groups.

Select the group you'd like to join and complete the interest form. The group leader will contact you with guidance for the next steps to get started.

Looking for substance use recovery groups? Visit Rams in Recovery for events and meeting information.

Current Support Groups

Questions about these support groups? Give us a call at 804-828-6200 or email us at

What is the difference between Group Therapy, Skills Groups, and Support Groups?

Group therapy is a form of psychological treatment where a group of patients meets to work on their issues with the help and supervision of one or more therapists. The interactions between the group members are part of the treatment, with multiple sources of feedback and ideas providing the chance to learn to connect with others in new ways and change how they deal with their problems. 

Skills groups are usually in a structure-based format because there is a specific theme or topic of discussion, and each group session is focused on a topic relevant to the overall theme.

Support groups are highly effective at giving people a support network for coping. The groups can help people feel less alone with their problem and provide a lot of practical problem-solving advice that might help a group member manage their situation more effectively.

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