At UCS, we aim to provide comprehensive evaluation and consultation for students on the best options for their mental health care.

We are a short-term, focused treatment agency. All enrolled students have the opportunity to meet with a clinician to assess the specific needs of the student and how to best meet those needs. The clinician will take into consideration if the needs of the student fall within the scope of clinical services that can be provided at UCS.

On average, most students meet their needs via brief therapy. If it appears at the time of the intake appointment or at any later time, that long-term treatment is more appropriate for you; your therapist will help you in transferring to either group therapy, expressive psychotherapy with a psychiatry resident (if appropriate), or locating professional assistance off-campus.


We provide individual, relationship, and group therapy services.

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Skills Groups

Skills groups give students new approaches and skills to help build confidence in coping with life's challenges and stressors.

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Support Groups

Support groups offer a space where students can gain support and build community with other students who share their identities.

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Case Management and Referral

Case management services for treatment continuation are available for all VCU students or individuals transitioning out of the VCU community.

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Crisis Services

University Counseling Services staff is available by telephone or by walk-in appointment to offer crisis consultation to students who are experiencing a mental health emergency. Students can speak to a crisis clinician 24/7/365 by calling 804-828-6200.

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