Training for Psychiatry Residents

University Counseling Services (UCS) provides Interpersonal Process Group Psychotherapy (IPGP) training for psychiatry residents from the Department of Psychiatry. Psychiatry residents who are interested in IPGP training must take the Group Therapy course taught during the summer. The two psychiatry residents who are selected spend the first semester as a Process Observer and the next semester as a speaking co-leader.

The UCS group training model is developmental. Psychiatry residents are assisted in learning and developing their group psychotherapy skills through supervision, process observation, and co-leading an IPGP for the academic year. During supervision, process observation, and participation in leading a psychotherapy group psychiatry residents learn psychotherapy group intervention/techniques, enhance their group leadership skills, continue to develop an awareness of diversity, and learn to use strategies and techniques based on theory and, or research.

Psychiatry residents make a one-year (fall and spring semesters) commitment to participate, and they are encouraged to participate during the summer as well. Psychiatry residents are expected to assume full responsibility for the therapy groups they are assigned to, along with and as supervised by, a UCS senior staff member. These responsibilities include mandatory attendance at all group therapy sessions and all group therapy supervision sessions (Friday 8:00 - 9:30 am). Responsibilities also include administrative duties such as pre-group interviews, session notes, process notes, terminations, transfers, and other case management tasks.

Average Activity per Week

Direct Services

  • Group therapy: 2 hours


  • Supervision of group therapy: 1.5 hours

The hours indicated do not include paperwork, pre-screens, and post-processing.