Skills Groups

UCS offers skills groups, which are typically short-term groups that include educational components and guidance for developing skills that can be used to better cope with a particular mental health concern.

Current Skills Group Available

Reclaim Life From Anxiety

This 5-session group offers new approaches and skills to help you make life less about anxiety and more about what matters to you. It’s easy to lose sight of life in the midst of trying to do everything right or just trying to keep it together. This group helps with:

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Reducing feelings of panic and being overwhelmed
  • Addressing difficulties with attention and concentration

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What is the difference between Group Therapy, Skills Groups, and Support Groups?

Group therapy is a form of psychological treatment where a group of patients meets to work on their issues with the help and supervision of one or more therapists. The interactions between the group members are part of the treatment, with multiple sources of feedback and ideas providing the chance to learn to connect with others in new ways and change how they deal with their problems. 

Skills groups are usually in a structure-based format because there is a specific theme or topic of discussion, and each group session is focused on a topic relevant to the overall theme.

Support groups are highly effective at giving people a support network for coping. The groups can help people feel less alone with their problem and provide a lot of practical problem-solving advice that might help a group member manage their situation more effectively.

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