Survivor Support Services Staff

Confidential advocates provide non-therapeutic support to help students determine their needs in regards to health (physical, mental, and emotional), reporting options, and academic concerns after experiencing sexual assault, dating violence, and/or stalking. They provide information on personal safety, boundaries, relationships, campus & community resources and can accompany students to incident-related appointments with police, Title IX, and more. 

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Deanie Barrion Headshot
Deanie Barrion, B.A.


Deanie provides confidential advocacy support to students who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, or harassment. The center of her work is assisting students involved in Title IX and the criminal investigation process, providing accompaniments to incident-related appointments, and linking them to resources.

Deanie has a background in child welfare and outreach, having worked as a Second Responder on a Domestic Violence task force in conjunction with Child Protective Services; she brings a wealth of experience. She is passionate about guiding students through the healing process. Deanie holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Hampton University, where she studied Clinical Psychology and English.

Tameika McCoy
Tameika McCoy, M.A., C.A.


Prior to this position Tameika was a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate for the DOD (Dept of Defense) and has also worked as an In-Home Counselor, Case Manager, Crisis Intervention Specialist, and a CPS Special Investigator during her career. Tameika earned a Master’s in Human Services/Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University in 2013. She is also an accredited Victim Advocate with NOVA (Domestic Violence Specialist).


Tameika has served on the Domestic Violence Task Force in her local community and is currently the Chair for the Sexual Assault Response and Sexual Assault Prevention Teams at VCU. She develops and implements workshops and trainings for sexual assault prevention, domestic violence awareness, relationship education, bystander intervention and consent for higher education and the community. 

Phone:  (804) 828-5539