After Hours Emergency?

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency and want to speak with a crisis clinician, then please call University Counseling Services at (804) 828-6200 day or night. Students will no longer need to call VCU police for mental health emergencies.

Get Crisis Support

Eligibility for Services

UCS provides short-term mental health services to enrolled students. When a student’s needs require a different level of care, UCS works with students to transition care to community providers.

Transition of care may occur when:

  • Students need or request to be seen weekly or more than once a week for individual therapy.
  • Students need or request uninterrupted therapy from semester to semester.
  • Students need or request long-term treatment.
  • Students have concerns that will not be appropriately addressed in a short-term model of therapy.
  • Students have a significant history of mental health concerns, treatment, and/or psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Students with active eating disorders that may require medical monitoring.
  • Students need or request services not offered at UCS:
    • Intensive outpatient, inpatient treatment, or specialty services
    • Substance use detoxification
    • Mandated therapy
    • Documentation for an Emotional Support or Comfort Animal
    • Psychological assessment or evaluation
    • Frequent consultation after-hours that cannot be stabilized with short-term crisis interventions

If a student is currently seeing a professional for therapy and can continue to work with them, we often encourage the student to continue care with their current provider. Students who are already receiving ongoing therapy with another mental health provider are not eligible for UCS services.

Also, if a counselor determines that a referral outside the agency better serves the student at any time during counseling, a recommendation and referral will be provided immediately.