Eligibility for Services

All enrolled VCU students are eligible to access UCS for help in connecting to mental health support and determining which services may be a good fit. Depending on each student’s concerns and needs, UCS counselors may recommend time-limited individual therapy, group therapy, skills groups, support groups, and/or additional services offered at the center or across campus. 

Some students may require a higher level of care beyond UCS’s scope of services. In these cases, UCS counselors will support students in connecting to community providers and resources. This recommendation may be made when: 

  • Students need or request to be seen weekly or more than once a week for individual therapy.
  • Students need or request uninterrupted therapy from semester to semester.
  • Students need or request long-term treatment.
  • Students have concerns that will not be appropriately addressed in a short-term model of therapy.
  • Students have a significant history of mental health concerns, treatment, and/or psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Students with active eating disorders that may require medical monitoring.
  • Students need or request services not offered at UCS:
    • Intensive outpatient, inpatient treatment, or specialty services
    • Substance use detoxification
    • Mandated therapy
    • Documentation for an Emotional Support or Comfort Animal
    • Psychological assessment or evaluation
    • Frequent consultation after-hours that cannot be stabilized with short-term crisis interventions

If a student is currently seeing a professional for therapy and can continue to work with them, we often encourage the student to continue care with their current provider.