Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker, M.Ed. MSW

Advanced Mental Health Resident

Lauren's clinical interests include family of origin issues, autism spectrum, military veterans, ADHD/executive functioning, grief/loss, substance use, and trauma.

Cliff Berwise Psychology Intern
Cliff Berwise, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Cliff's clinical interests include identity, people of color, race-based stress, multicultural, relationship issues, family of origin issues, anxiety/depression, substance use/alcohol, and first-generation students.


Rachael Collins Psychology Intern
Rachael Collins, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Rachael’s clinical interests include anxiety/depression, women’s issues, couples, trauma, identity, multicultural, relationship issues, shame/self-esteem, body image/eating disorders, and graduate students.

Kim Yalango Psychology Intern
Kim Yalango, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Kim’s clinical interests include transgender/gender nonconforming, sexuality, couples/relationships, women’s health, and first-generation college students.

Andrew Yuen Psychology Intern
Andrew Yuen, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Andrew’s clinical interests include grief/loss, identity, self-esteem, international students, multicultural/people of color, anxiety, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Emma Evans Social Work Intern
Emma Evans, B.A.

Social Work Intern

Emma’s clinical interests include anxiety, interpersonal violence, trauma, and adjustment.

Jeff Knighton Social Work Intern
Jeff Knighton, J.D.

Social Work Intern

Jeff’s clinical interests include trauma, interpersonal violence/domestic violence, anxiety, mindfulness, substance use, and attachment.

Eryn Delaney
Eryn Delaney, M.Ed.

Advanced Practicum Student

Eryn's clinical interest is working with student athletes.

Neha Goel Practicum Student
Neha Goel, B.A.

Counseling Psychology Practicum Student

Neha's clinical interests include eating disorders, people of color, LGBTQIA+, anxiety/depression, multicultural issues, and relationship/couples.

Ashley Macpherson Practicum Student
Ashley Macpherson, M.A.

Counseling Psychology Practicum Student

Ashley's clinical interests include eating disorders, body image, anxiety, relationships, and identity.

Mickeal Pugh Practicum Student
Mike Pugh, M.S.

Counseling Psychology Practicum Student

Mike's clinical interests include anxiety/depression, Black/African-American issues, first-generation students, family/relationships, and race-based stress.

Morgan Reid Practicum Student
Morgan Reid, M.Ed.

Counseling Psychology Practicum Student

Morgan's clinical interests are substance abuse, social anxiety, adjustment, perfectionism, and first-generation students.