COVID-19: Coping & Other Resources

The Impact of COVID-19

A Message of Support to our Students

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and major changes the VCU community is facing, University Counseling Services continues to be committed to supporting students throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We are mindful of the impact that current stressors and multiple unexpected changes may be having on students’ mental health and well-being.

UCS has been concerned about an increase in racist and/or xenophobic violence towards members of the Asian (particularly Chinese) community and those who are perceived as being members of said community. Ranging from jokes and derogatory remarks to physical attacks, these incidents have impacted members of our VCU community with family throughout the country and abroad. These occurrences may lead to an increase in concerns about one’s well-being and safety, as well as those of their loved ones.

The UCS team is reaching out to not only express concern but to also encourage you to seek support.

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Websites for Coping with COVID

Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety

How to Guard Against Emotional Contagion

What to do if the Coronavirus Health Guidelines are Triggering Your Anxiety or OCD

Coping with Isolation

Engaging in Mindfulness to Cope with Panic

Mental Health Care Package

Just like you, the University Counseling Services at VCU is venturing onto a new path, a new reality associated with COVID-19. We are reaching out (virtually, of course! #PhysicalDistancing) and sharing ways to help you take care of yourselves, no matter if you are in Richmond, VA, in the US, or across the globe.

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Tips for Living at Home

Moving back home with your family can be hard. It can bring up feelings of sadness at the loss of autonomy, frustration, irritations, anger, loss of privacy etc. It can increase stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. During the time of COVID-19, it is very important to take care of one self and find ways to adjust to the changes, including those at home.

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LGBTQ+ People and COVID-19

For some LGBTQ+ students, leaving VCU’s campus during the pandemic may mean being separated from their supportive community. Here are some tips to help.

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