College Success

The academic rigor of college can be a huge challenge, and without support and preparation, this challenge can feel daunting and overwhelming, which can have a negative impact on your mental health. Check out the resources below to support you on your journey. If you need additional assistance, you can also talk with your advisor, check out the services at the Campus Learning Center, or talk to one of our counselors.


College Success

Collaborative Learning

Exam and Test-taking Strategies

Tips for Memorization

Note-taking Strategies

Mind Maps and Lotus charts

Describes assertive behavior; the difference between assertive, passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive behaviors; and tips on ways to become more assertive.

For Students Diagnosed with ADHD

Succeeding In College With ADHD
From the National Resource Center on ADHD – This handout provides strategies for those diagnosed with ADHD on ways to thrive and manage the stressors of college

College Students With ADHD
From Health's Disease and Condition – Link provides additional strategies for college students diagnosed with ADHD to be successful in college

Rethinking ADHD

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