Succeeding in College, Assertiveness, and ADHD

21 Ways To Succeed In College

Tips to help you be successful in college

Making Friends

This is a short video created by VCU students on ways to help you meet new people and make friends.


From University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Counseling Services - Ways to help overcome feeling homesick or adjust from being away from home or your loved ones.


Provides a description of assertive behavior; the difference between, assertive, passive, aggressive, and passive-agreesive behaviors; and tips on ways to become more assertive.

Succeeding In College With ADHD

From the National Resource Center on ADHD – This handout provides strategies for those diagnosed with ADHD on ways to thrive and manage the stressors of college

College Students With ADHD

From Health's Disease and Condition – Link provides additional strategies for college students diagnosed with ADHD to be successful in college

Rethinking ADHD

TedTalk video by Stephen Tonti on ADHD as a difference in cognition, not as a disorder